Road cycling in Bali, Indonesia. 2014

Bali might be known for it's beaches, resorts, mountain biking, and surfing but it has some incredible road riding as well. On this day in October five of us set out for an adventure while our friend Simon sat on the back of a rented scooter to record the day.

The ride was recorded, as always, on my Strava
All of these photos were taken by Simon Yeong. More on my Flickr. A lot more.

Bike rentals and street food in Taipei, Taiwan. 2014

Took some great tours of the city with my friends Jerry and Juily. Taiwan is impressively efficient and what seems as chaos is anything but. The people are polite, the food is delicious, and the scooter owns the streets. Juily and I rented bikes and rode for several hours, stopping in a series of cafes and bike shops. 

Check out the route Juily and I took on Strava
Full gallery on my Flickr

36 hour layover in Dubai, UAE. 2014

Found myself flying from Sweden to Taiwan with an eight hour layover in Dubai. I called the travel agent, had the layover extended, and that gave me enough time to meet up with friends, grab a couple meals, do a bike ride, and play some Frisbee on the beach.  

The ride, through the middle of the desert, is on Strava
The rest of the photos (not many) are on Flickr

The steepest climbs might be in Manizales, Colombia. 2014

A little work, a little riding, a little more riding, and a night of tejo and beer. 

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2 hours of power tourism through London, England. 2013

We had just spent the better part of a week locked in a meeting room. Anja, Olivia, and I figured that if we woke up early enough we could get in a couple hours of tourism in Central London. How much did we get done? Quite a bit. Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, etc. 

All the bloody pics on my Flickr

Mountain biking in Rotorua, New Zealand. 2013

A small city on the north island that draws riders from all over. The entire town is on top of a very thin layer of crust which leaves most of the water bubbling and a constant stench of boiled eggs. 

More photos (some from Auckland) on Flickr

I always have a great time in Melbourne, Australia. 2013

I've been to Australia more than 5 times and most of my visits take me to Melbourne. It is a great city, especially if you're looking for outstanding food. And at only double the price! ;)

Ya'call those photos? These are some photos.

Running and riding in Copper Mountain, Colorado. 2013

The Specialized Dealer Event in Copper Mountain allowed for some great riding and running. Colorado is easily one of the best places in the world to be outside. Nearly every morning I ran and every afternoon I rode. My longest ride was from Copper Mountain to Loveland Pass and back (55 miles). 

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Climbing Mont Ventoux in Southern France. 2013

I joined my colleagues Scott and Antoine to tackle Mont Ventoux. We took the route from Bédoin which is 1617 m over 21,8 km. According to Wikipedia the route from Bédoin is the most famous and difficult ascent. The road to the summit has an average gradient of 7.43%. Until Saint-Estève, the climb is easy: 3.9% over 5,8 km, but the 16 remaining kilometers have an average gradient of 8.9%. To serve as a comparison the climb of L'Alpe d'Huez is about 13.8 km at an average gradient of 7.9%. The last kilometres may have strong, violent winds. The ride takes 1:30 to 2:30 for trained amateur riders. Professional riders take 1 hour to 1:15. I finished the climb in 1:44, and it was one of the hardest efforts I've ever done. 

Check out my Strava from the ride.
Full gallery on my Flickr.

Riding crazy circus bikes in Tokyo, Japan. 2012

For a team building event we drove to a bike park in the mountains. Along with a private 5km road, a BMX track, and a velodrome the park had the oddest collection of bicycles. Big, tall, small, spinning, they had everything.

A 3-day stay in Milan, Italy. 2012

I was on a trip that was taking me all through Europe and my time in Milan was incredible. Oh the delicious gluten and the cheese. It's everywhere!

More on my Flickr. 

Riding electric bikes through Valencia, Spain. 2012

We launched the Specialized Turbo in Valencia because... well, why not? It was just two days but I fell in love with the city. Especially at 50kpm. 

A couple days in Seoul, South Korea. 2012

If you lived for 1000 years you wouldn't even begin to break the surface of everything Seoul has to offer. The photo where the sun is shining through the buildings and onto the traffic below is one of my favorite photos. It was taken with my iPhone 4 that I was holding outside of the car window.

Full gallery on my Flickr

Roaming around Las Playitas, Canary Islands. 2011

I went to the islands to work with Team Saxo Bank on their bike fittings. Every second I could sneak away, I did. If I have any recommendation for someone visiting the Canary Islands is to get away from the resorts as quickly as possible. While you will probably have to stay at a resort, the real magic is in the local neighborhoods, no matter their size.

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That one time I fell in love with Faro, Portugal. 2010

Whenever someone asks me where my favorite place is, Faro always makes the top 3. During this trip I shot a ton of photos but I was really excited about using the Hipstamatic app. The app just blows out every photo to complete garbage, but at the time I was really into it. The photo of Aaron by the pool is one of the rare times the app did something out-of-this-world wonderful. That is one of my favorite photos now.

A huge pile pf photos from this trip on my Flickr

Hitting the Bourbon Trail in Louisville, Kentucky. 2010

I've done the Bourbon trail twice, first in 2010 and again in 2014. Love learning about whiskey (re: drinking), discussing whiskey with friends (re: more drinking), and learning about the massive growth of whiskey popularity in the US (re: drinking without a shirt on). I tend to go to extremes with my hobbies. So when I decided that bourbon would be my go-to beverage I made it a point to learn everything I could. 

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My 1st international trip was to Jakarta and Cape Town, South Africa. 2010

My first international trip was a big one. A week of work and mountain biking in Jakarta followed by a week of hiking and eating in Cape Town. I did this trip without a quality camera and the images show it. But I love them anyway. While I was there I chased a giraffe and a zebra, hiked to the top of Table Top Mountain, and rode a pile of floating pallets across a lake.

There's no place like home. Des Moines, Iowa. 2010

I should start this travel gallery with the place I spent the most time in, my hometown Des Moines, Iowa. I've lived in Chicago and the Bay Area. I've traveled to nearly 30 countries and have seen over half the states in the US. Through all this home will always be home. I don't know if I'll ever live there again but these images spark some of my best memories. My favorite photo from this collection is the one of my mom, in black and white. 

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