One Law Bike Shops Don't Have To Obey

In 1931 William J. Reilly wrote the Law of Retail Gravitation. He determined that larger cities will have larger spheres of influence than smaller ones. Meaning that the larger the city, the father people would travel to reach it in order to buy their goods. In an era when retail was at its infancy the law made perfect sense. It even led to one of the most popular phrases in retail which you can still hear uttered today, “Retail is all about location, location, location.”

In today's retail world there are no city limits. We can purchase a bike from the UK just as easily as we could purchase it from Australia or China or wherever.  Which means it is time to update the Law of Retail Gravitation. Instead of saying the larger the city the greater the pull, I will instead say the better the retailer can connect with the customer the greater the pull.

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