They Did The Work, You Benefit

One of the reasons I enjoy reading books on Kindle is the ability to record notes and compare them to the notes recorded by everyone else. It's a great way to review and a great way to skim through some key chapters of a book. My book, Leading Out Retail, has been selling on Kindle now for just over two months and quite a few people have taken notes on their Kindle. I thought it'd be fun to jot down a few on the most popular. Here you go:

"They are not in the business of selling products that require services, instead they sell services that are made better when customers purchase their products."

I wrote that line with the idea that we should think about retail as a service-first industry, not a product first industry. If you were forced to sell 6 tune-up with every bike sale, how would the discussion change on the retail floor?

"The job isn't to sell a bike, the job as a leadout is to make sure the customer has the best bike for what they need to achieve."

Out of context that quote can be a bit confusing. In context, bike sales are no longer the end game in bike retail. The endgame is the customer's cycling experience which may or may not involve purchasing a bike from you. 

"People do not buy from businesses that have what they need; people buy from businesses that believe what they believe." 

I wish I said that, but that is a direct quote by Simon Sinek from his famous Ted Talk, Start With Why. I could explain it, but it wouldn't be doing it justice, instead I would encourage you to take the time to watch it yourself. 

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